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  • #500 for 5

  • 5 years.  Since just after that horrible day 4 years ago, the goal has been 5 years.  "Take her home and grow her," they told us, "if the day comes when she needs a heart-lung transplant, the success rate improves dramatically once a child is 5."  It seemed impossible.  5 years felt more like a lifetime, especially whe[...]
  • What is Lily Looking For?

  • She's looking for number 100! 100 what, you may ask yourself? A while ago, we asked the people we love to take a few minutes out of their lives to register to become organ donors.  Originally we set our goal at getting 25 people to register.  We reached that goal and then decided to double it.  Before I knew it, ou[...]
  • Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

  • Today I was, once again, reminded that life can sometimes throw you incredible curves and that within mere moments everything can change.  While I'm at home tonight feeling very grateful that our scariest moments with Lily ended happily, my heart is with other people and hoping that, for them, tomorrow is a better day.[...]
  • 60% is a Passing Grade

  • That's a pretty amazing number.  It wasn't some big amazing goal to start with, but we're at 60% and I'm proud and grateful! So please keep sharing this page, please keep telling people you know....because think about the difference that 50 people will make.... 1. For each donor, up to 8 people's lives can be saved [...]