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  • 21 Magazine and Skeptics Be Damned!

  • A mom post today... Late last year, during Down Syndrome Awareness week, I saw a picture that the CDSS (Canadian Down Syndrome Society) had posted to twitter of a bunch of their staff sporting these awesome CDSS temporary tattoo's. I sent a reply quickly, not thinking anything would come of it, asking where I could[...]
  • 3 x 21: Shifting Perspectives

  • A mom post tonight... We're very lucky to have some incredible role models for Lily within our Down Syndrome family and sometimes I need those role models as much, if not more, than she does. There are times when we're hitting a milestone roadblock or we're up to our ears in non-stop vomiting that I find an unmeasurab[...]
  • The Many Adventures of February 26th and Beyond

  • This last month has been totally and completely unreal and I barely know where to begin.  I think it's easiest to start telling you all about the crazy day of February 26th and then I'll fill in the rest. I think I told you all in a different post that the people at Momma C's work were nice enough to name the tot po[...]