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  • Tomorrow Came

  • And of course, tomorrow was different.  Hours after posting my last entry, I had a conversation with Jess where I asked her to remind me that when I'm struggling like that, that the best thing I can do for myself is to take 15 minutes to just sit and write it out.  Thoughts that are so jumbled in my head while I'm tryi[...]
  • Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

  • Today I was, once again, reminded that life can sometimes throw you incredible curves and that within mere moments everything can change.  While I'm at home tonight feeling very grateful that our scariest moments with Lily ended happily, my heart is with other people and hoping that, for them, tomorrow is a better day.[...]
  • Buddy Walk!

  • In 1995, in a little town called New York City, a little event was held for the first time called the Buddy Walk.  It was organized by the National Down Syndrome Society and was created to raise awareness and funds for people living with Down syndrome and their families.  Over the years it has grown and grown and in 20[...]