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  • #500 for 5

  • 5 years.  Since just after that horrible day 4 years ago, the goal has been 5 years.  "Take her home and grow her," they told us, "if the day comes when she needs a heart-lung transplant, the success rate improves dramatically once a child is 5."  It seemed impossible.  5 years felt more like a lifetime, especially whe[...]
  • One Year Later

  • In our first year of life with Lily, we celebrated every anniversary we could think of: the day we got the phone call, the day we met her, the day she had her first overnight visit, the day she came home for good, the day of her heart surgery, the day of her cardiac arrest.  All of these culminated on September 19th, w[...]
  • Can You See the Difference?

  • Guys, do you remember what you were doing one year ago today? Because I do...well, kind of.  At this time, one whole year ago, I was actually pretty out of it because I had just come out of my second open heart surgery.  You see, when I was born there were some big time problems with my heart - I had something called a[...]
  • Happy Lil-Aversary!

  • One whole year.  Guys, it's been one whole year since I came to live with the mom's.  It's been a crazy, whirlwind of a year, but I think overall it's been pretty amazing.  I feel so lucky to be living with my mom's but really, I think that they might be the really lucky ones.  They keep talking today about how much I'[...]